One Year
After Chemo

We celebrate your one-year milestone with you as a testament to the power of hope and healing.

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Our Mission

Images are a powerful tool: to inspire, to motivate, to unite.

Cancer affects millions of individuals, families and loved ones all over the planet. Fortunately, people are winning the battle every day. This collection of photos shows people one year after undergoing chemotherapy (or other cancer treatment) as a way to focus on the celebration of life and the achievement of survival. We intend for these photos to manifest the bravery, endurance, grit and grace that brought each person to the moment of their image, which they now so generously share with all of us.

Our hope is to support those feeling the overwhelming anxiety, stress, and pain of cancer. We want to help them keep an eye on the future. We are here to remind them in their worst of days that better ones lie ahead.

Supporting one another and sharing our burden is the ultimate human purpose. Please help us by sharing your photo and sharing this website with others.

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    Real life photos and personal stories after completing cancer treatments.

    This collection of photos shows people approximately one year after undergoing chemotherapy (or other cancer treatment) coming out on the other side and living their lives to the fullest after their battle with cancer.

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